Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Welll, the clips are on a 3 game skid, precipitated by the laker debacle, wondering if they’ve lost that staples spirit, it’s gotta be hard to share an arena with a team with such history, you’re trying to tell your own story, do your own thang, and you’ve got those lakeshow champ banners swinging from the rafters just staring down at the top of your head. Sheesh.

So, uh, yup. But if they can beat new jersey, which they should, on Thursday, they’ll be back at .500 for the showdown in oaktown against the golden staters and I’ll be there kickin it like bazooka joe. Mebbe I should dump beer on chris mullin’s head? Prolly bad idea but whut not with whut has that stopped me from undertaking undertakings in the past? Nein and ya.

I can’t stop thinking or envisioning pondering on the meaning of life the be all end all, the nemesis and and alter ego department, and wherewithal depending on if your complete & total bizarro manages to defeat you in combat, do you come back and then dispose of them with total disregard for all conduct of battle techniques? I’m thinking the answer almost has to be yes. Because they are you and you are them yet they are not you and they are misrepresenting and spreading false ideologues, whereby you are trying to be what you can be and yet they try bring that shit down to their level.

Which has nothing to do with the matter at hand, merely a nogginal exercise, mind you.

the flash