Friday, July 01, 2005

howdy, yo, wuddup, hello, shalom, etcetera. Jeez, I like, never? Post crap here anymore. Well, never is very subjective. And a retarded montalban topic of issuance is “yadda yadda I never post ish anymore.” Which ain’t true cuz I do, and “wallah” (sic) I’ve written a paragraph of utter & complete dogshit. Beeeyyoootiful. Fantastic beyond words. Let me call the award committee so they can get down here with a giant trophy and an arcade of dancing girls to do the moonwalk followed by the funky chicken all up and down main street in honor of me actually looking at a screen and typing on a keyboard whatever bullshit happens to filter through from the negasphere into my head and thereby, or, rather, thereupon, back into the negasphere. Perfect.

Monday, June 27, 2005

I wrote 777 words of the master thesis tonite & that seems like a good place to end. I’ve been watching deadwood like a goddamm crack addict, and that is alright, this I keep telling myself. It’s ok to be addicted to a series of dvd’s as long as I don’t do anything drastic like leave the house or read or write or do anything that might overly stimulate my brain. Oops. I broke my sacred oath. In other news, I’ve been reading the collected writing of H.L. Mencken, a newspaperman from Baltimore spanning the period between 1910 through the late 1940’s or somewhere thereabout. Major influence on HST. It’s, uh, good stuff. Highly recommended. Elsewhere and off topic, not that there was one, I opined an overly written and underly thought out diatribe about the iraq war, the Vietnam war, and the connection thereby to the movie first blood and its main protagonist john Rambo on blogcritics, a fine website, not for me to poop on. Go check it out if you give half a, um, poop. Or not. And, also, uh, hmmm, ovaltine? Nah. Played out. Have a nice day, don’t worry be happy, etcetera, really, fuck it, I don’t care. Aloha. Oh yeah, this post is dedicated to xtx & malatron’s brother. May the self-induced satisfaction never be satiated. Yours from the backroom at Ed’s billiards, kool keith el otro.