Monday, December 03, 2007

I can’t crawl out of last place, wtf? I may not as well even opine on some shit since comments ain’t workin, but when you think ain’t no one reading shit, and ain’t no one respondin to shit, that’s the time you let your true freak flag fly & shit & get the real shit out there and fuck all that fake shit, na mean? Of course you fuckin do.

I serially gots to call my fam. They whut been down with 8 ball maggee since day uno and even uno minus five, so you know I gots to get my papah down to the mill to put in a deposit on a convo con madre y padre, even if I don’t you know da kine actually remember to enact said phraseage, I got nuffin but love for all my peoples, including my sisses & bro in law and they kids and all whut said entitites not incorporated in the corporation, but still hidden in the bylaws. You have the documentation, so legalize that shit & I’ll have Goldstein & Claire, them my lawyers, suits, boots, what have you (thx Mix-a-Lot) review said documentation & we’ll see whut we can accomplish in the way of having something that mean absolutely nothing (in the monetary sense) be drafted just for the helluva slatch.

I kind of think I need to go to sleep right now and continue this diatribe in the morning. Gratzi.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Little children gather round
To hear the story of the basker hound

He lies in wait for young and old
He likes to say he broke the mold

He is a sneaky snarky sort
Full of gall and short on sport

This monster dog from purgat’ry
Once set ablaze a monast’ry

The monks they flew the gates a rush
The hound he tracked them smashed them smush
Their little robes all stained in blood
The red juice ran the stairs a flood

Which may be why the legends say
To only tread by light of day
That sacred spot where devil mutt thrashed
And burned and pillaged and left all ashed

Such a calm and quiet and happy spot
Now all to hell was quite quick shot

So if you pass upon a misty monk
While stumbling incoherent drunk
Wake up next day have a look around
You may have met prey of the basker hound