Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Howdy pards. Well, here I sit at work, uh, typing this crap? Carpe diem, indeed. Yup, that sounds satisfactorily deep and modicum laced grave and dangerous. So our little girl is rolling over all over town now, onto her back, onto her tummy, then looking all over, and then rolling across the room and grabbing stuff & kicking the music making machine for cool chimes, and then saying all kinds of fascinating things in a wide variety of tones, like dadad bla bla bla, and wa wa wa, and as a result of these rolling escapades I keep waking up with these nightmarish dreams that she’s in bed with us and is going to roll off the bed. I have to tell myself in no uncertain terms that she is in her crib and not about to roll off the bed, and then only then can I sleep peaceably. The doctors at insanity inc. told me that it is typically typical for a father to undergo such anxiety but then they also told me to eat all those variety colored pills and ignore the purple dragon crawling up the wall. Ok, I made up that last part. Everyone knows puff the magic one can’t fly all the way from Princeville to Nuuanu, now that’s just silly. Glad we cleared that up.