Saturday, December 11, 2004

Wuddup yall, I burned my hand, and I’m drankin on jack daniels and I’m trying to set the record for speed as to whut you can write a glob. So we’re like sittin on two dogs up in this crib at this juncture, and it’s like, I wuz gonna say all good, but like half good, cuz they shit on some shit, and fuck if I didn’t burn the fuck outta my fingers makin some tea, and it’s like, it’s cool, but I dunno, I miss Berkeley & oaktown, that was some good times, not when I lived there, but when I visited, not that I don’t have fond memories of when I made it my domicile, but honestly, I think I made more cool memories in 4 days than I did in four years, and all praise for that goes to mrs. P. werd.

Friday, December 10, 2004

wuddup. I have to read this file now.

Hmmm. It wasn’t that interesting. Much ado about fairly nothing.

The file, not the book.

The book? Great.

Maybe the fact that I finished reading the book immediately before reading the file contributed to it failing to live up to expectations.

not that I expected much.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

so yup, clippers won. Uh, why am I talking about that? I why ask why and where does bud dry fit into that relevance. I’m fuckn exhausted. Belee dat. Why am I even typing this crap??

Oh yeah! Officer byrd. He told me too. He’s my nextdoor neighbor’s bird. And he tells me stories, and he said I have to walk up to these people’s cars and shoot them in their heads.

Psyche! He said stay in school!

Monday, December 06, 2004

Yo. Well, cal got FUCKED by the bcs. Thanks. Seriously. Thanks a lot. Oh, and mack brown? Nice fukn whiney violin playing sob story you fukn redneck fuck. Nice to know cal took the high road and let the clock run out. Nice to know we’re the better, uh, holiday bowl whatevers. Fuck, it’s fucked. It’s majorly fucked. So fuck it.

And, in other news, the clippers lost on Saturday. But I ain’t gonna whine about that. I mean, minnesota’s a good team, and it did go to overtime, and the clips are having a great year so far, so, I mean, I don’t think it’s quite time for me to call up Donald Sterling again.

Not yet. Anyway, in other news, shit, I dunno. Why do always say that? What else is there to mention though? Well, lotsa stuff, but crap that’s none of your beeswax, so piss off you nosy piles.

Sigh. I don’t mean that. I don’t want you to to think that I’m all about bitterness & strife, cuz I’m not. Seriously. It’s all about butterflies & daffodils. Please believe that. Know it in your heart. And then follow that green river of, uh, escaladeness.

PS: hasta la vista, site meter.

PPS: send muscle68 to the orange bowl, you piles.