Saturday, December 11, 2004

Wuddup yall, I burned my hand, and I’m drankin on jack daniels and I’m trying to set the record for speed as to whut you can write a glob. So we’re like sittin on two dogs up in this crib at this juncture, and it’s like, I wuz gonna say all good, but like half good, cuz they shit on some shit, and fuck if I didn’t burn the fuck outta my fingers makin some tea, and it’s like, it’s cool, but I dunno, I miss Berkeley & oaktown, that was some good times, not when I lived there, but when I visited, not that I don’t have fond memories of when I made it my domicile, but honestly, I think I made more cool memories in 4 days than I did in four years, and all praise for that goes to mrs. P. werd.