Thursday, July 06, 2006

So what ever happened to Krist Novoselic? I wondered that on the car ride in to la oficina hoy, and then I threw on some Neil Diamond. Don’t axe me why but it was some verbal whippetry that involved “shi” and then I thought shilo, but the CD I have didn’t have shilo, but it did have sweet caroline and forever in blue jeans. Kurt cobaine was realer than real, and thus, he had to go, cuz the real world is so unreal, it’s actually like the antithesis of real. Those that are the rilly will have serious ruff times trying to get along in a land that rewards the bullshitters and the co-opters. Say you’re riding along in a car and you think of a tune and you gotta scream it, well some marketing shite bird is gonna convince you to croon it, to add some bells, to get a doo wop shill in there, and, well, you’re gonna see dollar signs and do the charleston, and then you’re effed up shit river, but you have a new Cadillac so you don’t even know it. Yup, spooky.