Friday, February 01, 2008

I felt like shit & I feel much better today, thank you, missing commas notwithstanding. I have quite a beautiful life, have I ever told you that, mister (or mrs.) nonexistent entity perusing this here outdated and irrelevant webspace? Ah, yessirree. It’s, well, it’s inevitably inevitable that I'm a lucky sunuva whathaveyou, verified in 17 quadrants, including Jupiter. Seriously, though, I'd like to speak in a manner to be understood by at least 4% of the 80th street slangers, and a vague feeling in my medulla says that includes you. Reach your hand out the hole in the wall and drop that knowledge on me if you feel me, need to find me, doing 90 in the stratospherical nonsensical wavelength clandestine meeting in the back of an old house, in that abandoned field with the solitary daisy sprouting up through the bricks, it’s a truth, a lie, a metaphor for a higher power, truss.

Tragedy hit the scene earlier this week in the periphery of my closest people, one of the ones who is down from day 3, and only because on day one the circle was mad tight, on day 2 the circle was unknown, and on day 3 there were only 3 added to the sacred moonstone. Damn. Sometimes you just have to take inventory and count your blessings. Bad things happen to good people, but the strong move on and my boy is strong, stronger than me in a lot of ways, and I know he’ll be aight, but the pain, the pain doesn’t go away. It ebbs, it surges, it remains in the background, but despite that, you don’t want that to leave you, you need it, you relish it, at least I would, crazy as it sounds, because it will sometimes be your only connection, in the dark at night when all seems awry, to what, who, was lost. But good memories have a way of pushing away the evil tide of your own psyche, and those momentary shining ellipses of seconds minutes hours will stay with him, her, forever, buoying them, carrying them through, a little one’s final gift before she moves on to where she apparently needed to be. Godspeed.