Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Goddammit. Fucking word. Fucking fucking word. I’d written a while ago, earlier this (yesterday) am, like this brilliant paragraph which was gonna be the lead in to this review of this dvd set and then fucking word crashed and it’s gone. Fuck, and the shitty thing is that I fucking HATE, I mean HATE with a capital H when shit you read on the innernet starts out saying that "whah whah I lost something I’d been writing that was gonna go on the innernet." So fuck me, and fuck bill gates, and fuck you for reading this. I wouldn't say my self-loathing thereby has reached an apex but it (had) reached something akin to a stasis equilibrium. The good thing though is that someone just walked in here (again, yesterday, the future is not now) and told me I’d have to wait in line for my turn to borrow the nelson (yes, nelson) CD that he got on ebay, which made me laugh my ass off. Oh and then that dvd review thing all of a sudden came back recovered on the screen, making the above paragraph really & totally useless and fucked and inconsequential and even spiteful to and from myself, but I’ll still force or allow you to read it cuz I’m just a complete fucktard (copyright not me) like that. And then all of it looked so even more idiotically like the antithesis of something that should be complained about because of another minor computer error, er, big computer error? Can’t remember, er, can, but don’t feel like explaining, and then this other guy told me about how he never gets to see his kids cuz of iced out (and not the bling kine) bullshit and then I felt stupid and then I’m pretty sure I ate some katsu curry. All’s well that ends well, though, cuz the clippers won last night in their throwback buffalo braves jerseys. And if you believe that I gotta bridge not in Madison county to sell you. If you believe that all’s well, not that the clips won, cuz they did.