Tuesday, June 20, 2006

trapped in a dream, tyring to claw my way out, claw thru first layer, then I’m a child, at home in bed, and swinging at my pillow, my parents hear me, come in, see something spooky, then I wake in my bed in my home next to my wife and she’s asking me if I’m ok, trying SO hard to speak out loud, to yell in fear.

Trying to trap me within layers upon layers of a dream, a feeling of something recurring, something they have been trying to trap me in for years.

Not wanting to fall back asleep for fear of falling into the dream again. forcing self to wake up only to wake up in another dream.

Almost two years ago, I had a very similar dream, maybe more intense, that one was bourbon and underground manga induced to a degree. This one was random and vindictive and I woke up feeling as if a dark force that I could not put my finger on was stalking me through the ether of the collective unconscious.

yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the death of Len Bias