Friday, November 18, 2005

Suppers. Clips "at" Lakes tonite. Have I mentioned that Don Sterling’s darlings are in first place? Pretty much tied with San Antone for best record in the west? And that they are the new black velvet? I made the last one up, but there’s no way you can prove it’s not true, so either I’m right or you’re an idiot. And I’m never wrong. Imagine I was superman and telling you a story, but you were wearing a lead girtle. That’s how much truth would be infesting my diatribe. Obfuscation isn’t just my main client, it’s the president of my satellite office in Tonga. Those Tongans know how to obfuscate with the best of them. By the time you even have a quarter of an idea what they may have been talking about, they’re already on the next bus to the kava party and you’re left holding the pelican threatening plastic rings remainder from their 6 pack of Budweiser. It’s all seriousness, kids, I don’t fuck around when it comes to cheap American beer. Salud.