Friday, December 01, 2006

Stress, my alma mater. Wow, when the dollas don’t make sense and your sheckels are shinola, it’s good to just poor about 85 bowls of cereal in a row and throw it against the ceiling & see what sticks. Nah, nada like that. That da kine always has a way of doing a Jason Kidd 360, a la a 180, and turning that beat around. So UH Oregon State and Pearl Jam both on Saturday nite, both in Honolulu, I mean, when was the last time two quality events were staged on this island the same evening with this kind of excitement & yadda yadda? Eh, prolly, who knows, who cares, who even envisions these envisionations. Certainly not you, and likely me, well, more than likely, as I already did.

Sigh & shalom. Well, so, my plan is to just like work out like crazy & watch tivo and hope no one shows up with like a stick and a big dog and a net to put me in & take me down to the man’s office to demonstrate and articulate on why this & why not that and etcetera acres crew. I gotta buy calendars today, snap, but I can charge that to the company docket, na mean? I’m slick like that.

In other alma mater news, cal stanfurd in the big game this weekend. And stanfurd has a resounding ONE win this year, against their old coach Willingham and the Washington huskies no less. You don’t care. Cal should take care of biz. Bball up against Nevada this weekend. Now THAT you care about, immensely. Why do I write this crap. No question mark, just making a statement as to why. I guess it’s a question, but knowing that it has no answer, I’ll deliberately fly in the face of grammar and refuse to indicate it as such.

Monday, November 27, 2006

if you are of the odd combination of enjoying viewing televised basketball games and also enjoy my idiotic commentary on shite, you could probably do worse then to click over to a dog named clipper, where I seem to have blogged all the long weekend long about all the basketball I inevitably watched, as I lay forlorn on my couch digesting food and pining away for the fjords. see what I do for you, dear reader? I am now lowered to sequestering the sports crap. Goddamm hippies.