Friday, December 23, 2005

wuss crackin. Shiz, I got so much whizzles to dizzle, but sizzleen is my corp sponsor, so you know I gotta mention the new kennel club bits they got on lock up in the walmart parking lot.

Cal be the champs of the las Vegas bowl. Congrats in order to all involved, muchas gracias, not a de nada, it’s a de mucho. Long beach wasn’t necessarily involved, but I ain’t sayin they weren’t.

Mayne, I am trying to make this book, this best of the first two years compo, you know, not that anyone would BUY that shit, but I would, and, shit, it’s all done, I gots the cover, I gots the whole thing edited down and a nice tight 90 some odd pages, but I CANNOT figure out how to make a 8.5x11 pdf into a 5x8 pdf in my goldarn acrobat. Can someone if they read this and know the answer holla at a sucka and clue my ass in?

The book is, surprisingly, not bad. I had relegated the idea to the trash heap earlier this year after getting it almost ready to rock, and then bumped into it in my basement earlier this week, was semi-impressed, I guess a long turn away from it gave a fresh perspective, yadda yadda yadda. Nah, I’m just joking, it sucks.

Anyway, yeah. Merry Christmas, if you’re into that thing.