Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sigh odes on Romanian urns just don’t do it for this desperado eagle loather on this fine tursday afternoon; I could regale you with merlin olsen gallantry, but what purpose would that serve but starting another jurk storr type era of which no one wants nor needs nor even is vaguely aware that it was ever a possibility. Theoretically if I’m the only one that give’s a rat’s jenny say then it’s still something holding validity in realms near/far, but bridges weren’t just made to go through Madison county, they were fictitiously created for sale with swampland real estate, but only in your/my mind. Choose your/my own adventure. If the end comes up, go back to where you held your finger in the dyke little like peter porker, that semi-amazing ham that eats no eggs.

I have a slight headache, and ibuprofen is in my field of vision. I’m blasting the Dixie cups. Don’t axe why, just truss that elmer wanted it glued that way. I had an amazing picnic with my wife & daughters for lunch today. they are professional park apparatus players, mein tykes, they swing like monkeys and I swing like a gorilla, someday we’ll all swing together like chimps and try & remember the old days. The new days will be good as well, but moments happen and you wanna grab it, put it in your pocket, get a zip lock bag & never lose it. Memorex can only do so much and Kodak gets a nice piece of paper & digital eye, they’re reflections of what is and then later it will be what was via the eyes of what is & that’s pretty cool as well.

Ironically, (verify w/ ethan hawke), no photos were taken of said event. Happy Kamehameha day.