Saturday, December 18, 2004

Hi there. There are 33,913 words in the master thesis now. Supposedly an official book, in the sense of the, fuckn, whatever regulatory agency that you want to refer to, check with dc or with Trevor, they were down with that shit for at least 5 minutes. More? Anyway. I’ll find out when & if I hunt down the links. Be that as it may. as begun, supposedly an official book according to those that do the write a book this month dillio every november say an official dillio, ie book, is 50,000 words. ie The book is progressing. And this is the book that is part II. Anti keeps telling me, ok, told me, not keeps, that’s pushing the value of his concern, but serially, that I should do the book of that which is already done. Ie the first year of this blog. It’s already been edited out by yours truly. The best of the first year. I could crank it out & put it on café press. Shill out some crappy cover, maybe a pic of batman if the dc lawyers would be copacetic. Ok, maybe al pennyworth? I was thinking I’d have to have the byline, or the author’s, name be keith pennyworth. Yah. Nobody could fuck with that. So anyway, what do you think? How many people would buy that crap? It would be at least like 18 bucks or somewhere there arounds. Not that I give a rat’s crapsterpiece about the moolah. It’s just the ideal that if I actually were to do it, It would inflate my ego to know that people were actually partaking of it. Hmmm. Eh, whatevs. I’mma go now &, like pour another drink. Wild, the potentials of the innernet, yah? And howard stern says we’re all fags. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Friday, December 17, 2004

click here and check the remix and then find the rest & read them forever

hat tip to treacher, who took a "stab," har har, himself

update: lame, it was more effective with the pic of the panel, but it doesn't seem to want to show up anymore. que sera sera. anyway, i had up here the last panel of that dillio. yup.

update II: trying again, cuz i just care that much.

update III: ok, i give up. despite the best intentions of which include plugging those of which I would utilize to enhance said verbage, it just ain't happening. so i humbly requit myself to the feeble request of which you infinitely respected and apprecieated reader do hereby clickie the linkies and make your way to appreciate that which I have tried to brung you. go buffalo braves. aka you know.

Thursday, December 16, 2004

suppers. It’s like fairly busy today but not so busy that ya know, izzy can’t come in and hang out for a few. You know how it goes. You start getting into some jenne say kwah type shit and then 5 minnits later you’ve got breath mints in your pocket & you’re listening to 3 ukeleles. It’s inevitable.

Ok & we’re back. I know, I’m so quick. Oh yeah, you have to read muscle68’s jim varney tribute.

Uh. Hmmm. What else. There was like some serious issue that required my attention. Oh yeah, duh, in the real world (trademark mtv) there was a confluence of, shit, I dunno.

Oh yah, and btw the offin sound from coffin is not cuz it sounds like “often” but that it sounds like “offin’” like you’re offing someone, ie killing them.

Weird yah, yep, you know it is basically the most fascinating thing that has ever happened to you.

Not in any kind of real (copyright mtv) sense, but you know, in like if everything was in an alternate reality.

And when I say copyright or trademark mtv, I only mean the actual world “real” or “real world” even though they don’t own that shit, well maybe real world, I dunno, they can’t, that would just be retarded.

No, the copyright & trademark to all content remains in my possession, watched over by a trained guard whose sole identity in all existence is to safeguard its sacred seals.

howdy yall. Well yesterday, on the north shore of this beautiful island on which I practice some modicum of domestication there were waves with faces up to 50 feet tall, not to mention people crazy enough to ride around on them, and they were able to stage the eddie aikau invitational for only the 7th time since its inception in 1984. the standards are high, they don’t even bother with it unless the waves are at least 20 feet high (measured from the back, a la traditional Hawaiian measurements, not like in Cali, they measure from the face) so anyway, as you can see, huge city, click here for more info as to the huge crowds, good times, and some more info from YOUR Honolulu Advertiser. oh & congrats to Bruce Irons of Kauai (pictured) for winning the thing. in case you didn't know he's the younger brother of Andy Irons, current world champion. Everybody involved basically said these were the biggest waves they'd ever ridden.

Also, you could click here and see a picture of Eddie Aikau himself and a little description (see #38) that i wrote back in the day about surf contests in Hawaii and the Eddie Big Wave Invitiational in particular (plus some other local kine stuff) and plus I kinda tell the little story about the legend of he that is Eddie. Ever see those “Eddie would go” stickers? That’s from this dude. Now ya know.

And with that being said I have a vitally important meeting to attend.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The clippers are flailing, having lost 3 in a row and 4 out of the last 5. why does this always seem to happen around the times of which they have to play the lakers? And up next the t-wolves who are no pushovers. I would predict a victory, but that at times seems to jinx them, not that I presume to think that I may have an effect on history to such a degree.

And clipper games ARE history. I mean, look at the confluence of events that can occur around them. It’s baffling & boggling to the mind.

The scoops is that peeps in la are turning to the clippers side now cuz everyone hates kobe, cuz, you know, he’s such an assface, and not to mention that Angelinos, well, except for me, are a bunch of fair weather deuschbags, and I’d just like to opine, that, no, you aren’t welcome on the clippers wagon, I’m steering this mofo, and until they start losing again, admission is closed.

I don’t really mean that. Anyway, enuff clippers talk. (ha! Like there’s such a thing as that.)

Let’s talk about other things. Uh, let’s see, I know there’s lots of other fascinating stuff on my mind. Um.

Ah, ferget it. Oh, wait, yeah, I’m reading all the old iron man comics. They’ve been compiled in a beautiful edition. Now THAT is fascinating. The thing that interests me is that tony stark when he first started out, had to have his chest plate on at all times and even plug it in to charge every here & there to make sure his heart kept beating, and in between all this he’s making rich hotties swoon, and he’s mr. playboy, but how much a playboy can you be if you can’t take yer shirt off? I guess this was back in the day that pop culture still perpetuated the myth that people never have casual sex, a myth which has not just been shattered but pureed whut with britney spears crawling around airplane aisles and xtina getting like mud thrown at her in steel cage matches.

Food for thought.

the history of Iron Man

Tuesday, December 14, 2004

so wuddup, the fukn chain on my bike kept comin off today, but I think I got it on there good for the moment, but still gotta take it in for a tuneup and have that chain either a link taken out or replace the mofo altogether, which reminds me I have to make a phone call.

Well that was productive. Not nearly as much as I should be, though, I mean, way more than is ever required, beyond call dookie, all that shiz. So, uh, farg. Everything is, uh, immaterial, shit like that. Deep thought yup.

I’ve been getting to the point where I question everything I write here. Even that last sentence. Cuz you know that whut actually gets published is like one one hundredth of what I write. I mean, I write catalogs of info per hour, and like put up the cream of the crop here. I know! It’s that sad. Except it’s not in that that is a total lie, to the degree even of being opposite.

I’ve definitely been eating too much crap lately. Gracias a dios that the holiday season is coming so I can pile on the lard. Chuuch.