Thursday, December 16, 2004

suppers. It’s like fairly busy today but not so busy that ya know, izzy can’t come in and hang out for a few. You know how it goes. You start getting into some jenne say kwah type shit and then 5 minnits later you’ve got breath mints in your pocket & you’re listening to 3 ukeleles. It’s inevitable.

Ok & we’re back. I know, I’m so quick. Oh yeah, you have to read muscle68’s jim varney tribute.

Uh. Hmmm. What else. There was like some serious issue that required my attention. Oh yeah, duh, in the real world (trademark mtv) there was a confluence of, shit, I dunno.

Oh yah, and btw the offin sound from coffin is not cuz it sounds like “often” but that it sounds like “offin’” like you’re offing someone, ie killing them.

Weird yah, yep, you know it is basically the most fascinating thing that has ever happened to you.

Not in any kind of real (copyright mtv) sense, but you know, in like if everything was in an alternate reality.

And when I say copyright or trademark mtv, I only mean the actual world “real” or “real world” even though they don’t own that shit, well maybe real world, I dunno, they can’t, that would just be retarded.

No, the copyright & trademark to all content remains in my possession, watched over by a trained guard whose sole identity in all existence is to safeguard its sacred seals.