Friday, November 16, 2007

Howdy ho me giggly joe. Yadda yadda yadda to the extreme like a vandal. And yes, strike that from the record, stat. chillin like a villain in the, er, office. Neko Case, who knew? Oh yeah, Jupiter did. She’s smart an stuff.

So we head out for Austin next week to do the turkey thang with my wife’s sis & fam. They’re good peeps, should be a nice time. The Warriors will be playin Boise and if they win in Reno tonite, well, that’s a big game, ain’t it? Yup indeedy, prolly actually irregardless.

I’m feelin real good lately because something we’d held back on telling a lot of people that are close to us we finally just let out to be as it may and the response has been overwhelmingly positive and supportive and it makes you wonder why you didn’t just let loose with the knowledge in the first place but everyone needs their own way to process and pass things on, me myself and mine included.

I’m gonna be in the first row center court at staples center to watch the clips on January 2nd with my best friend. I couldn’t be more excited, and if I was, my shorts would be wet from the uncontrollable urination. Yah I used that semblance of a joke on a comment page elsewhere already but that’s not really related to this, it’s more of a one eared dog relation, so I’ll let it fester and simmer in your gluteus or just reject it with the flotsam jetsam and strange jewel infested jargon of the 22nd century.

Don’t ask, don’t tell, I don’t know and you shan’t yell. I wrote this wacky rhyming poem the other day. My writing teacher said I should send it in for publication to whatsistat monthly. She’s real nice, she says I should send just about every silly paragraph I rush off and end up reading in there for mass consumption, but then, hmm, why shouldn’t I? I used to be very afraid of rejection, but that’s really not the case anymore, although it does piss me off when I get no response or some not even dashed off by a human hand post card telling my I suck (albeit in a nicer fashion.)

It’s pretty amazing how good life can be. It’s pretty damned easy to get bogged down with the daily minutiae of human existence, and pile on yourself all these worries and woes, and, granted, that is part & parcel, and important to, likely, to maintain perspective, of the human condition, but wow, stop & take a look around sometimes, take inventory, of what really matters, what’s really there, shit’ll knock your socks off. At least it does for me. Maybe (definitely) I’m lucky. I do believe though, that a glass half full mentality, trickled with pessimism, in doses, like salt, can be healthy fruitful and applicable to a shakra mind body connection of ultimate zen. Or some horseshit like that. Aloha.