Thursday, February 03, 2005

clips start their 9-game road trip off right, with a dubya at Memphis over the dreaded “fuck elvis” grizzlies, who had defeated the worldwide beloved clips 7 games in a row before tonite. Yes, my dears, it is indeed time to celebrate, except not, cuz we gots 8 more to go, undefeated road trip? I ain’t gonna touch that one, 10 foot pole or not, but, fuck, I’ll throw it out there, no whammy, no whammy.

Ps: in keeping with a sidebet that was supposedly made, keep an eye out at m68 for a special clipper slash drunken dolphin memorial banner. personally, i have no control over whether or not this actually happens, but the rules of gentleman combat insist on a valid comeuppance. I warn you, certain remarks were made about our clippers by this charlatan elvis-lover. knowing is half the battle. joe out.

Howdy pards. Well, howdy plus pards equals me giving an old cowboy inspired greeting to all yall. Well, there are 2 things you must understand. 1 is that the clips start their 9 game road trip, which takes up most of February and dumps them quite unceremoniously into all star weekend, before they have to head out for another road game, before they come back to the friendly confines of staples center. Well, friendly except when they gotta play the piece of shit lakes, and yes, if you check the files you will find me rooting for the lakes during the playoffs, but, fuck, gimme a break, I’m LA born & bred & you gotta root for somebody in the playoffs, and the clips are not usually there, ok, are almost never there, and, shit, you know, my city, this city, when the dirt & grime gets washed off, and I’m like, chillin, and the clips’ season is over, ok, yes, I’ll root for the lakers, but the cool thing is this year, I’mma make a prediction, even though my predictions are always wrong. This year the clips make the postseason and the lakes are left with their thoughts & soiled psyches. One kobe Bryant will look at his wife & think “what happened to this year” and think “damn if I’d kept it under control I could still be randomly fornicating whenever convenient,” or, “shit, my life is totally ruined and everyone who says they love me secretly hate me,” or maybe he’s such an alien he just sits there and laughs at all of Jay Leno’s perennially retarded jokes.

the hurting

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Tomjanovich considering resigning as Lakers coach

Monday, January 31, 2005

There’s just so much crap to read and look at and peruse and like just check out, not just on the innernet, but at your friendly neighborhood bookstore, or on your own damn bookshelf, or, I mean, shit, just go to the goddamm grocery store or 7-11 and grab a magazine, I mean, anything is prolly more productive than reading this dogshit.

That was a special one-man one-act play which I self produced about an agonizing procrastinator and self playa hata who was named og ratbone and he was secretly from a secret society that was involved in all kinds of gun running & heroin trafficking in and out of the greek isle of mykonos.

Don’t tell anybody though, cuz it’s pretty DL. By DL I mean deathlock, or dradle laden, or down low. You gotta keep it on it. Cuz peeps not named me could get in serious biznass with serious entities that are like in charge of getting all nate-dogg on that shit.