Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Howdies. Well I’ll be in cali this weekend for an uber fast visit. I’mma set up a booth outside of Graumman’s Chinese and sell my autograph for five bucks a pop if you wanna come by. I’ll be in a sequined purple jumpsuit with the words “fairy bastard” emblazoned in illegal white neon paint across my back. This doesn’t necessarily mean anything, per se, it’s just to throw off my pursuers, you know, the Andoran mafia.

edge of insomnia

Monday, October 10, 2005

howdy. Not sure what the last count was, but there are now 75,850 words of the master thesis. Wowsers. And it’s, uh, hmmm, halfway done? A third? I really have no idea. It’s funny, cuz that nanowromo or whatever thing is coming up, the thing in November where you write a whole novel in a month, and it’s funny, the ironic kind, not the haha, in that the master thesis was begun as the nanowro (or whatever the fuck it’s called) dillio in 2003. yes, 2003. ok, I’m just a wee bit behind schedule. But the dillio is supposed to only be 50,000 words. Fitty geez worth of werds in one month. Maybe I’ll take a break from this monster and crank out a fitty geez werd piece of excrement for thanksgiving, stuff the pages inside a turkey and carve that shit up. Couldn’t hurt. Maybe it’ll stir the cauldron.

But, yeah, I’ve been on a minor writing kick the last week. Very minor. Like, a couple pages tonite, and a couple the other day, and a couple a few days before that. Nothing to get all excited about. But I think I’m startin to remember what this shit is about. Or not. I just keep writing sections and saving it in various places, and then I come back and pull all these various tidbits and put it in what appears to be the proper places in the master draft. There’s like 3 different stories going right now, for the three main characters, well, actually, really, there’s one other minor thread going down, the main main character’s dad, he’s kind of a wacky dude, hiding his dillio from the world under the visage of being all grover Cleveland and shit, whatever the fuck that means. His part of the tale might be the most interesting part, actually. Or not. I think I have a whole backstory for him on some other shit that I wrote, and might pull some of that shit over? But I doubt it. Just pirating the character and backdating it 20 years ought to do the trick. Yup.

I'm too lazy to go hunting down that write a novel in a month link but I remember noticing that simpleton's got it up on his shit, so go giddyap on that shit if you're interested. assalamalakum.