Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear FB, you are not what they think you are, you are what I know you are, and I’m ashamed to be associated with you. You don’t bring factions together, you rend them asunder, or at least threaten to, OK, or admittedly simply muddy the waters with your mere presence and you’re not good for long term health neither physically nor mentally. Simple ask Magneto, would he have even thought about letting thing progress to the point where people can point you out from 20 feet away and stand aghast at what you’ve become. I understand how you occurred and that in a way over time you may have even appeared to be something akin to something, but those times are long past and I must be done with you, even if a little at a time, and I won’t broach any argument on the subject. My dear friends LJS and YY and JITBS will all stand by my side, well, ok, maybe JITBS is not nearly that which we thought he was, Denny Green will attest to that, and yeah maybe GAT needs to be siphoned out of the mix, at least during the MTF rotation, actually make that MTT, but I think we’re on the same page and understand each other, and obviously we’ll have to throw in a metric ton of SUAPU and MRTS, ok, that was of course a joke on MPMOL, but how shall we produce an acronym for GFAR, oh, wait, my word, we just did, didn’t we, and when I use the term we of course I mean the king’s we, cuz this castle’s mine and I run things just a tad (GRBAB) less than Devon Miles, who sad to say only ran things at the behest of that old man who had such dreams and delusions of grandeur and in one moment of unbridled genius chose the HOFF to symbolize his epic empire. Yup, that sums it up. I’m happy with this, it worked, it was what it needed to be, something Denny Green could never understand, nor I think Optimus Prime, it’s a middle ground it’s my own private Minnesota, it is what it is and possibly what it was and not what it is now but what it will be which is gigantically smaller. Gratzi.