Monday, July 24, 2006

Dr. David Thorpe makes me feel irredeemably stupid for enjoying (a lot, lately) Weezer. I've especially become fond of the green album and the newer one, which are the two albums he shreds the most. I have no taste in music. I am a complete and total unwashed masses lounger. I should be shot on site (AND on sight), preferably in the stomach so I can die a slow and painful death. And yes Def Leppard is the most musically important band of the modern era. Disregard anything post Pyromania, although I while allow selected tracks, at my full discretion and with prior approval, from Hysteria, setting and mood and candelabra infestation allowing. Now that my credibility in regards to musical analysis is officially in the crapper, let me tell you that Nogatco Rd., Keith’s new offering, is fucking fan, as in tastic. Dear Spin, Rolling Stone, and Circus, I am legitimately for hire. I do bar mitzvahs, birthday parties, and funerals, but I will have to decline to provide sound droppings for your child’s briss and/or emasculation. I just can’t be down with supplying the aural tones for the memories of that type of tramautic incident. I can hook you up with a decent deal on a keg of Schlitz, though. No worries, last I checked it’s kosher. Salud. Hat nod to Treach for the, uh, info. Officer bird, please see me in the business office. Gracias.