Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I just recently learned from larry david that I need to buy a small little notebook that I can keep in my pocket at all times & a small little pen to go with it so that any time I have an idea, any time at all, I can write it down & then later ponder on my brilliance & build mountains of media. It can’t be the spiral kind because that will nub up against my hip and I can’t be having that, it’s gotta be small and thin and take up like no space & I will always have it with me, it would be perfect if the pen could somehow attach but that’s negotiable; I would have to obviously have it next to my bed as I sleep because bombshells of wisdom just suddenly come to me & I’m always too lazy to get up & write them down, but now I will be able to and thus I will win. What, I know not, but it will be something better than a toaster.