Friday, October 08, 2004

dear blue crew,

it’s not looking good.

You guys kinda need to win tomorrow.

In other news, uh

Gotta win tomorrow.


Bien. Bueno? I can never remember.


keith el otro

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Ronnie ock’s got the scoop on the new green lantern, er, return of the old green lantern, the one that went all crazy, the original 2nd green lantern, not the old super old skool with the cape, you know, hal Worthington and his dog something or other.

In other news, time to stop taking myself so fucking seriously. Like anybody gives a rat’s fucking ass. Sometimes I delude myself into thinking that this donkey ass craptserhole is like some art piece and the innernet’s a museum, so I mean, even if that was the case, what does that make me, big gay jacque??? I’m confused again.

It’s all just very, shit, riddle within a quagmire, I mean, here I go trying to explain shit that one I don’t even get and two honestly I don’t even really fathom what the fuck it is that I theoretically don’t get. I mean, not just the fact of not understanding but not even fucking understanding the concept of what it is that you’re trying to dissect intellectually.

Nah, nah, nah, not fukn intellectually. Jesus h. Christ that sounds pretentious, I think I meant to say analytically? Fuck it.

howdy pards. Any pards? Pards. Hey. Serially. I don’t wanna like, propogate. Do you ever do shit just to do it? Like perpetrate on a something or other? Just to stir the pot? I’m a veteran pot-stirrer. Can’t help myself. I see an opening, I go right at it. Always have. Something that pisses you off? I’ll prolly bring it up, even while considering that that’s prolly not the best thing to talk about. I don’t always do it. As the years pass I’ve gotten better about it. But to this day, it springs up, it’s like, for the sake of it, or on principle, or some stupid shit like that.

That’s what this whole (explanation denied) dillio is about. Me making some non issuistic point to myself for whatever reason that I haven’t figured out yet. It’s about being other level style with bushwick but still being able to bust a move with donna and her plastic surgery at the dj party. It’s about being able to make a professional grade swimming pool & then forbid any swimming in it after letting peeps swim all summer, ground being I have to keep it covered cuz it needs a special kind of chlorine during the critical autumn months.

It’s like the whole hole digging thing & then having to burrow a tunnel out of it. That carlton shit. Firing myself. Bringing in a crew. A real squad of professionals. To a degree unthought of, opening shop drop & barrel. Taking over again, 3rd identity. Kicking out said crew. Taking it to the nth degree and for all appearances castigating. The 4th parallel then eventually I’m prognosticating will be some week attempt at hamhandedness but only after a certain amount of bitterness and effect of deepseeded yet denied anger having festered in the hearts of said innocent bystanders. The whole joke being that whatever suuposed subset of personas said 5th id is trying to reference prolly doesn’t even realize wtf neither care and the fact that 3rd 4th and 5th all felt it worthy to diatribe about will be the ultimate cosmic joke, at least in their respective heads, which will put us where, back at square one? Great, great sandwich.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Best authors of all time, right now right this minute, if you asked me now?

Ian Fleming & Robert Jordan.

Why is that nkotb guy on surreal life so incredibly horrible and why does it surprise me in any way shape or form.

Let that shit just coalesce up into your medulla oblongata.

Whutta jackass I am. Bloggerville gives me mad love over the years, and I just delink everybuddy juss like that? What kind of an assclown am I?

Why do I keep talking about it?

Ugh. Whatevs. Why axe why, sedd it did it good. Maybe it’s an experiment. See how bloggerville you can be and then how unbloggerville you can be, but, fuck, how can I even perp? I’m bloggerville till I die goddammitttttt.

Ps: don’t read this crap.

Hey. Wuddup. Well, if you’re a blogger who was on my rollio you prolly hate me now. Que sera. Yah I elimidated all of em, I mean, eliminated. I twiddled then cut then curmudgeoned and then was like chop chop chop. They’ll prolly, nay, almost definitely, be back, or not, I dunno. I didn’t wanna be the guy trying to answer, why this link, why that link, ok, no links. Yah I’m hardcore now. Nay, horrorcore. Blame it on carlton.

Why axe why. Maybe I wanna get the readership down to one again (hey squirrelly) and then build it back up to a million by singing a duet with Ricky Martin for a pepsi commercial.

The dodgers took a serious asshanders yesterday.

I’ve planned out the one picture that will ever be of me on the innernet. It will be on this blog. It will not be today nor prolly tomorrow, but someday. I will be flipping off the camera and wearing prolly a hat and a beard and sunglasses and maybe flashing fake gang signs.

There will be no warning. You’ll just have to forever monitor and wait for the fateful day and even then you’ll never know for sure. The degree to which you care & are thereby concerned just reached a critical astromedallion level.

feel free to talk a lot of shit about me, how I suck, uh, captain of the irregardless, link whore, reactionary to the over degree etcetera type person, all that shit. When I get pissed I don't turn into the Hulk I just get irra's, and sometimes vaguely something or other. PS officer bird, please report to window #5, your ghetto pass has been reinstated.

Monday, October 04, 2004

#7 Cal takes on #1 USC at the coliseum this coming Saturday. To call it a big game does not do justice to the event. Maybe gigantorific. Only a fake word will do in these circumstances. Have I mentioned it’s mildly huge?

We’re not talking about the raiders today.

We ARE talking about, uh, fuck, I forgot.

Oh yah, we need to get on track here with getting me a free ipod, folks. & one for yourself of course. click that thang like a chickenwing.

unless you don't like chickenwings. then, uh, shit, I dunno, sit & spin.