Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Best authors of all time, right now right this minute, if you asked me now?

Ian Fleming & Robert Jordan.

Why is that nkotb guy on surreal life so incredibly horrible and why does it surprise me in any way shape or form.

Let that shit just coalesce up into your medulla oblongata.

Whutta jackass I am. Bloggerville gives me mad love over the years, and I just delink everybuddy juss like that? What kind of an assclown am I?

Why do I keep talking about it?

Ugh. Whatevs. Why axe why, sedd it did it good. Maybe it’s an experiment. See how bloggerville you can be and then how unbloggerville you can be, but, fuck, how can I even perp? I’m bloggerville till I die goddammitttttt.

Ps: don’t read this crap.