Monday, February 27, 2006

Howdy. The crazy things of which happen in this vida, nah mean? Sigh and shalom. I’ve said it all already. What more is there to utter? It’s utterly udderless. As in not having a vehicle for which to deliver milk to a young goat. You get the picture, if not the frame. Ah, meaning? Que sera, and not like that though. You can stare all around and envision the walls bleeding wax, but no one will tell you you’re looking stupid unless they truly care. And then they may not just for that very reason. Thus it’s impossible to predict. So don’t even try. The best strategy is to read all the best stuff that you can get your hands on, avoid your fave things that are dangerous to your brain and physicality, partake only when absolutely necessary, and then with a modicum of sensibility. And I’m not talking about what you may think, like the booze and the gimson, I’m talking like watching too much ricky lake or whilin away the hours and cents at innernet poker or some such inanity involved. You could be using that time and money to find your fave writer on the innernet and give him a donation, if he accepted it, of which he don’t, but still, I mean the thought would be nice. And then he could tell you, nope, give it to jerry’s kids, fa real, or go to your local dairy and see how milk is made, and then learn all aboot the conspiracy to poison us with too much of the sweet white stuff. It’s real even though it’s not. Like a lot of things. If I was half as talented as that guy and twice as motivated, I’d be president of Lithuania, and I’m not even Lithuanian. Nothing against Lithuania, but I mean, it is what it is, you could prolly substitute any of the other Balkan states or even Alabama. It’s just an example wherein the actual thing you’re using as that which is supposedly making a point is secondary to the words hidden in between, the ones you are sure are meaningless and just filling in the page. Not on this though, don’t look for meaning, it ain’t there, I’m talking about real writing from real people, not clones following programming and churning out can’t believe it might be butter. Look the other way, there goes marmaduke. Ruff.