Friday, December 03, 2004

so yo yo yo yo YO whutsup witchou? Me, I’m fine. Red wine style. As in makers mark marv. Albert pennyworth Einstein. With a stein of brew replaced with gruel but not. Werd. 2 officer bird. If you here than know your, uh, david alan grier?

Thursday, December 02, 2004

There is so much drama in the lbc, you don’t even know.

The clippers won their 5th straight. Next up, KG & Minnesota comes into Staples, should be a tough one, but I feel confident in this squad to give em a game and pull out another double you.

Sigh on the triple beam. It’s like, there were all these plans of like a stand in the third and me being like “well so & so & so,” and then going on with a “and you know, I mean, c’mon, this, that & the other thing,” but then the rug got pulled out in general and it’s like, there’s just no way for the convo to proceed as indicated, at least at this juncture.

Life in the fast lane, yah? Or, the medium speed lane? How bout the lane where the bagel squad shows up & exercises cranium euthanization? Why not.

Did I mention the clippers’ winning streak is their longest since 1995? Hmmm, I guess I didn’t. let’s see, where was I in 1995? Graduating from Cal & heading down south to slave away for Warner Brothers for 6 months. At the critical juncture where my clipperness was fully borne within me, out of the feeling of underdogness and general lackadaisical beatifity of their environs. Let’s just say I was a fan prior, but it could be that very year that I became a fanatic.

Irony? Ask Ethan Hawke. I just work here.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

cut to 8 hours later. Sitting at a black jack table at the Excalibur. Or were they sitting? Wait, ok, yeah. They were fucked up, major leagues. But in a good way. Trippin. And not like a bad shebang style either, all-good central.

Eddie had brought some green windowpane with him. they’d popped them maybe 3 hours ago, so they were just riding. Not even halfway done, but deep into the forest.

The dealer had long ago turned into some kind of like wolf but not a wolf type something or other for Ben. The cards were like having conversations with each other, it was some monumental shit.

The weird thing was they were all three of them at the time on a phat winning streak.

It was the three of them, a middle aged irish lady, and this old timer pimp ass like Polynesian type dude. From Hawaii, sweetened by the sun.

Old timer’s name was Jimmy. And he was a talker, heh funny thing about the oldsters they’d bumped into on this trip. Whoah trip.

Yah jimmy right from the start of sitting down had brought the good joojie. Strait up like yappin at em from the get go, hollerin at everybody, like getting an us versus them mentality but in a jovial way, fat tippin the dealer(s) and just bringin a good kine ruckus out the gate.

So yeah, amazingly enough, that was prolly why the were all three up big time. Jimmy was nonstop talking and sayin like oh we’re gonna bust her this time, getting celebrations goin, like “easy vern” to this little feller that had hung out for a while, it was all Jupiter.

Ben would never ever ever in a million years forget jimmy.

“hey yo punk ass homeslice, we’re outtie like kirk goudie.” It was Donaldo.

Don a little while ago had started really creepin Ben’s shit out, like in the major league style. Wait, why was everything major league style, it was like some shit was minors, but the skittishness of his medulla to be on like some trusting like shit with Don had totally evaporated into the nether.

But then he saw that Eddie was getting up too, they were both settling up with Annika, the Welsh former airline stewardess with a mild case of adult acne strait rippin up the scene. Wait, what? Oh yeah, so Eddie was going too, and then Ben knew he just had to protect Eddie from Don.

I mean, shit, how would Eddie, who, although being the biggest partier and just like straight krunked out member of the velocity posse, still when it came to downright devious type shit would not even hold a candle in the same ballpark with Donaldo.

Donaldo, with the what the fuck name from Jacksonville. Yah, that was it, shit, he couldn’t lose these guys, they were his partners up in the scriddle, and the acid, the acid, the, what the fuck?

“wait up guys. Thanks Annika.” He dropped her a 10 spot, gathered up all his chips, shit he hadn’t been keeping count for a while, but it felt bigger than before, and before he’d been up like $200. nice. Wait, was it real?

He had no time to evaluate the situation. Don & Eddie were already walking away, off into the densifying crowd. If he lost them now, madness that way went. Or at best massive confusion.

Ben left one look for Jimmy, the old timer from Hawaii, who’d regaled them with stories of fishing in the atolls of Palau, way out past Guam in the Pacific, how his father’s cousin had hooked him up with a job at a bread mill. And then the rise to glory in, um, what?

“Aloha, Jimmy, peace out.”

“Take care, little buddie, spread the peace and pass the ammo if necessary,” and then he was back to the game, “let’s go Vinnie, you know we can bankroll the place this time, c’mon she’s bout to burst,”

ah good ol’ Jimmy.

Oh shit. Where were his homeboys? He spocked them turning round the corner by the roulette table. Grabbing his jack and coke and flashing a peace sign, he started running after them.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The new MF Doom album is very good. I’m stressing about work. I’m stressing about, blah blah blah, you know the story, you prolly are too, it’s, like, an idiom inside a riddle trap. Who ain’t there? Only like the robin leach mofos, or like Justin timberlake, or wildin fuckballs like that.

Ps fuck Miami. Yep I said it. And I don’t know why.

Oh yeah, uh, oh, now I remember, clippers just won their 4th in a row last night. Tell me that ain’t the most wildin (word of the day) thang you heard all day. You can’t, can you? I didn’t think so. Try. It’s like in liar liar when he tries to lie and his mouth won’t do it. You cannot say that it doesn’t make you feel SO special inside about the whole, uh, clippers winning streak dillio.

The clippers are almost making me cry how good they’re playing. I credit the coach. And the players. And the atmosphere. They just wanna win, baby. I mean, they could give a fuck about stats, they’re just enjoying the thrill of the victory. It’s a new feeling for they who are clippers. Keep up the good work gentlemen.

Later this season I’ll be saying I told ya so. Or that I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m flexible like that.

Let’s see, in other news, the jurk storr called. I watched oprah last nite. But only cuz it was a seinfeld reunion. End scene.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Well, the clips are on a 3 game winning streak.

Tonite it’s the cavs, a tougher opponent fa sho but beatable obviously in that we are talking about the los angeles clippers.

From the orange county register:

The formula has been an offense that shares and an active defense that prides itself on consistent communication. The Clippers shot 51.9 percent from the floor and scored off 29 assists. They lead the NBA in both areas.

Berkeley was off the chain, so was oaktown. San fran was cryptologically illogical. In a good way. Ok, the city. Sheesh.

sipped anchor steam at a bar what with where jack London used to hang out. It tilts. It’s like the most old skool place in the united states, prolly.

Went to top of the campanile and shouted out to the h-town 808’ers. Or at least thought about it.

walked all the way around a really crip mountainville woodsy owl style lake with ducks galore.

watched the clips beat up on the golden state warriors live & in living color (pictured).

If you’re ever in the oak, you should check out the Oakland museum of California. For real. It's dope. Don’t tempt fate by calling me a liar.

What else? Lots a shit.

But being Monday morning after a holiday, I’m swamped.

How bout those raiders pullin off the upset in the snow?

Did you know mf doom is the same cat, zeb love ex, that was in kmd? I didn’t, but now I do.

Peace & aloha.