Sunday, July 25, 2010

Call me a nutter, I chipped in something for Zombie Summer.

Yep, I actually wrote something, I know, insane. and it actually flowed from my fingers onto a screen and then into an email and then over to tracy and now it's on another glob, my verbage that is, aside from this one, and a pretty famous one at that, Tracy puts the pringles backup dancer to shame in four out of five extremely unbiased fame meter comparisons.

you may inform the authorities that my nom de plum is captain insano as well, but I even wrote a rather long comment response in the post below. wow. yay me. my frozen fingers have finally unclenched from their death grasp on the icy pole of lack of utterage. And a million people say so what. well, one or two maybe. ok, just me. (cries).

wife and daughters snoozing. had a blast at the HUGS house tonight. they rule, ala the rulons. actually the rulons are forming a committee not necessarily to attempt to rule as hard as them, but to even underSTAND how hard they rule, so yeah, that's kind of what it's like.

oh & we even put together our super fancy bed that had been hiding in pieces like one of nic cage's national treasures for like eons under our not so fancy bed, and in other places like Grant's tomb and jimmy hoffa's secret sauna. various parts were flown in from all over the world, including Chile and Cuba, and then it was assembled by a team of blindfolded file clerks. don't worry they were debriefed and then shuttled to eight different locations across the island and told their names were all Edwin just for one more layer of secrecy. so if you see a file clerk and he/she looks confused, don't pity them they were paid handsomely (ie, by me, oh & I gave them lots of money, too).