Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The elucidation of incendiary components, in totality “breathed” in, must be held accountable, in a court of private opinion, for wherefores & art thoughs so often forgotten in this digital age.

Can Barack Obama "fix it?" Andrew Sullivan says "yup."

A breath of fresh air: the new White House blog. (hat tip to the self-same Cap'n Sully)

Jeff MacGregor somehow correlates (or antithesis thereby? juxtaposes?) the axing of "Chucky" Gruden (raider ghost #872) with the heroics of another Cap'n Sully (the one who successfully landed that plane in the Hudson) and the seating of a "new man behind the controls of another great machine with an uncertain flight path" ie our new prez, tying it all together with the simple recommendation to clock a modicum of z's. Sound advice.