Friday, July 13, 2007

Howdy yall, I been putting this off a while, no time, no brain matter, no gargling in the pit of my stomach generating the proper words, but yes, throw the banner across the yard, I am a father for the 2nd time, and it’s a beautiful feeling, even when you’re up at 3 AM warming up breast milk in a glass of hot water. Yippee! Seriously though folks, I’m here all day, all night, and with special shows at 12:30 & 1 for the lunch crowd.

Daughter #2 is a beautiful tiny human being who eats voraciously, sleeps intermittently, and then wakes up to eat again. Her acumen for accomplishing said endeavors has a distinctive irregard for the hour or the sleeping patterns of those around her. What a surprise! A baby that you have to wake up with and be bleary eyed and smiling with over some toasty beverages, heavens to betsy.

I cannot nor should not complain. My wife has tried to banish me to our 1 year old’s room, away from the every so often cries for sustenance, and I sometimes oblige and sometimes fight against the sage instructions, for, yes, I do have to get up and come into this fine establishment and put in 8 hours plus a dining break (food on the table, roof over the head, yadda yadda yadda), but my counter argument being that she needs to facilitate a speedy recovery and get some rest herself, so it’s a fight to get to the baby first, well, not a fight, more of a contest, with the loser drifting back to frolic with the sandman in candy cane ville, so, well, consider the considerage with gracias from, uh, you know, the authority.

Daughter #2 is a very wise looking little person. She hands out smiles on the sparing type of basis that makes you bleed tears when she deems you worthy, as you must have done something truly divine, for example serve up warm beverages. She was born with a cute scowl that is gradually diminishing into a hesitant look of bemusement. It suits her, she wears it well.

Big sis is doing the big sis thang with skill & aplomb. Big sis is curious and a mite grabby when placed in close proximity to the newborn, but she is all smiles & giggles, no jealousy, at least not at this juncture, except for a bottle feeding incident which we’ve learned not to repeat (oh yeah? Where’s my bottle, then?).

More later, but let it be known, we’re stoked, incredibly so. Maloahalo.