Thursday, December 30, 2004

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

wuddup wuddup wuddup. So the clips are at home against the utah jazz tonite, and, well, shit, the jazz suck but so do the clips right now. A win is a win is a win, and it would be nice, so whutevs. By the way, if you wanna talk all day about the clippers with similarly like minded people you owe it to yourself to check out clippertalk. Nuff said.

Oh and also, shit, what was I gonna say? Oh yah, pretty soon, eh, no need tell you that already. Shit. Um. There was something else, can’t put my finger on it. Eh, forget it for now.

I’ve gotta kind of hurry this shit up meaning it won’t be in the slightest bit meaningful, well, actually, hmmm, maybe it will be more meaningful for its lack of meaning, cuz everyone, ok, nobody, knows that intentional meaning is so 1982 and that 1982 was the year that nothing was meaningful, in that david lee roth had already planted the cancer that would destroy van halen.

And what was it? The fact that he boned down on a microphone stand that had had intercourse with mike Anthony. There you have it. Irrefutable evidence.

Calgon, you know the drill. Do that thing that you do. Where? Howz bout any. Any and every as long as there’s plenny of JD and not the bigga figga type, even though that’s JT? Or not. Whatevs. Shit. Well, death toll in da kine is over, whut, 75 grand now? Shitty. Yep, you already know. The point being of me writing about it? It’s in my noggin. Helps me put my own probs in perspective. Yah, that’s right asshole, use the plight of countless millions as an excuse to, fuck, I dunno. Excuse for nothing, I’m just saying stupid ass crap again. Stupid ass crap times like a billion. Fuck this shit.

Monday, December 27, 2004

Oh yah, merry xmas. It was a holy night, yadda yadda yadda, I woke up with bite marks out my back and someone yelling “from downtown.” Marv alberts had struck again. It was cool though, I mean, if you never get caught slippin, how ya gonna learn anything? I’m a big boy. If I’m in the kitchen I understand I’m gonna get burnt every once in a while. Who needs a trapezius anyway? Those things are seriously overrated.

So I heard that like when you combine x with y the chances of z happening are like the algebraic equivalent of 83 million astromedallions. So since I wrote a downer post this am do I have to keep with the trend in the pm? And like be mr. Methuselah, not that that means bummer, it really means old timer, but, I mean, you know whut I mean? When can I start obsessing about the clippers again?

Oh, now? Ok. They’re losing. But I sense a comeback. Is it really crap like that that keeps us sane in a world where a giant tidal wave can crush and completely kill like 20,000 plus people in one fell, or rather, many fell, swoop(s)? what does that mean? That on the day where baby Jesus supposedly coughed forth his first whimper the Lord doth sayest why don’t I crush mad amounts of populace?? And to throw an even more kvetchian rumple in there why don’t I pick the area of the world whut which has like no cash & reservoirs?

Eh, yah, I know, it’s all random events orchestrated to give the appearance of having some overall meaning. In other words, here’s your cake, chow down.

Howdy there pards. Dang that is some fucked up shit going on in shores surrounding the Indian ocean. It makes you not even want to think any selfish thoughts or consider your own life in the micro sense in any way shape or form. But life goes on, yah? At least for you & I, whoever you may be, assuming you’re not a ghost. Over 22,000 people dead, and sorry, I can’t just move on & think about how the clippers lost last nite, even though I already have and already am. It just shows the resiliency of the human soul. Well, no, it doesn’t, but some of the pics do. Go to yahoo & scroll through the slideshow for the dillio. You see these people with just this shellshocked look on their faces, and, they’re already moving on, ya dig? They have to. There are like dead bodies everywhere around them, they can literally smell them, loved ones, family members, people that basically made their lives what they were, and they’re processing, well, maybe the point is they’re not processing, they’re moving & reacting & doing and getting on with their lives, well, actually not yet, they’re still dealing. It’s nuttyblock, but, well, my point being that, the pics, you see these peeps like just looking freaked out yet still dealing, like, imagine if your whole life is blown out, you just put er in robot mode & get shit done & do what ya gotta do & eventually when you have some semblance of normality you prolly sit there & like cry forever.