Monday, December 27, 2004

Oh yah, merry xmas. It was a holy night, yadda yadda yadda, I woke up with bite marks out my back and someone yelling “from downtown.” Marv alberts had struck again. It was cool though, I mean, if you never get caught slippin, how ya gonna learn anything? I’m a big boy. If I’m in the kitchen I understand I’m gonna get burnt every once in a while. Who needs a trapezius anyway? Those things are seriously overrated.

So I heard that like when you combine x with y the chances of z happening are like the algebraic equivalent of 83 million astromedallions. So since I wrote a downer post this am do I have to keep with the trend in the pm? And like be mr. Methuselah, not that that means bummer, it really means old timer, but, I mean, you know whut I mean? When can I start obsessing about the clippers again?

Oh, now? Ok. They’re losing. But I sense a comeback. Is it really crap like that that keeps us sane in a world where a giant tidal wave can crush and completely kill like 20,000 plus people in one fell, or rather, many fell, swoop(s)? what does that mean? That on the day where baby Jesus supposedly coughed forth his first whimper the Lord doth sayest why don’t I crush mad amounts of populace?? And to throw an even more kvetchian rumple in there why don’t I pick the area of the world whut which has like no cash & reservoirs?

Eh, yah, I know, it’s all random events orchestrated to give the appearance of having some overall meaning. In other words, here’s your cake, chow down.