Thursday, October 12, 2006

Yoyo. Yo you. Yo dem and pubs. Yup them and places you dranks and same as whut those 2 political parties. KMD wuz da pioneers, or one portion thereof. Did you know that zeb luv X or whatevs the name, you know, who whuts now mf doom, his brother was hit by a car & killed? Yup, before they wrapped up black bastards, which as you do or don’t know was not released for like 5 years after that cuz of controversy with the album cover, a black sambo cartoon hanging from a noose, and this brother was named DJ subroc. Anyway, amazing album, if you ever get a chance to peep it. I member I dug mr. Hood back in the day too but it’s been way more than a minute since I slathered my ears widdit. Go to the fight club area for black bastard, you’ll have to search a bit, but truss the journey is in the destination, er, the destination in the journey, or sumpin like dat, anywayz you’ll find a bunch of other way gude shite. Wow, but it’s a trip, cuz, well, rap is rap and there’s a lot of nice and a lot of smooth & a lot of none of the above, but wow, black bastards was, wow, I mean, nice, serially, mf doom, props to the tops.

So, whut else was I gonna say, oh yeah, true has a new page where she tells all kines of ideas she has, some next level shit apparently, and, uh, bing is blogging, globbing, again, and, er, hmmm, you remember that treach is at that cigar movie site mainly, right? And I know it’s so 1982 to mention tony pierce, but fuck it, he’s the main cheese at laist now, and he’s doing a cross country kine dillio, and he interviewed some girl in nawlins and it’s muy interesante, and, fuck, now I’m gonna have to go find all those links and shit. Well, wow, that’s the most crapsterpiece shit I’ve written in like 83 astromedallions. Oh yeah and simpleton figured out a way to say some upside down shit. There, just enough that you can call me a link whore and make me cry metaphorical tears of pesticide whut to kill my dog’s fleas. And don’t even get me started on that tara reid crying a river about her botched boob & stomach jobs, someone grab that crack pipe dipped in coqui 900 away from lady loca and, uh, well, whatever, let her do her do I guess. Gracias & Peace.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Man, nobody blogs anymore. Well, I mean, a lot of people do, actually a ton, but nobody of whut used to, well, actually, I mean, a lot of those people do, but a lot of them don’t, or at least very rarely, like, the fashion is to come out once a year and be like "tra lee la, well, jurk storr etc, and yes, it's so played out, so bye again," and then say some like really condescending like squirrel rhymes, kinda like this, that’s what's overwhelmingly fashionable and of course I subscribe to that, and wholeheartedly endorse it with every fabric of my being.