Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well hello there. Yeah I haven’t been around for quite some time, and no this is not an apology, cuz that’s against all laws of blogging. In fact, it’s even more sacrosanct of a rule than never using the word “blogging.” Sigh. Ok, start over (of which you’re DEFINITELY not allowed to do).

I think by announcing some kind of reset or new direction of new commitment to quality I kind of threw water on some ashes that had started to heat up. Or not. The quality may have risen but the quantity has deteriorated to almost nothing. And that can’t be allowed, right? The mission is massive amount of typewriter monkey excrement with pictures of Grecian urns and then sidesaddled wherewithals peering in from the back window.

But no, that won’t can’t shall’nt be what it’s about. But does it have to be “about” something? Well, obviously not. But, shit, why yes why maybe. Let’s start on my day. I woke up, very tired (I hung up two sets of curtains yesterday in our living room, smashing job done under advisement, gratzi in arrears) and then yesterday morning I had to wake up at like before 6 AM to drop off the family truckster at the body shop, which reminds me, I have to call them, and then some ghetto dirtbags stole the registration sticker off the license plate of the other car, yes, the wagon of infamy, and, Jesus, this is just, this is not good, this can’t be abided.

I’m dreadfully sorry; hope you weren’t expecting anything of actual substance and/or value on your visit to this here environ today. But no, I think, well, actually, maybe you did learn something. I for example learned how milk is made and had a splendid visit to my local library. Mahalo.

I shouldn’t leave without mentioning my little girl. She has a new bed now, of which we’ve been working on varying degrees of modifying so that she can’t get out of it. In any event, it’s more of a “big girl” bed than her crib, which we now have vacated for her little sister (arriving in just about a month and a half, dios mio), and anyway, our little one just LOVES crawling into the corners of this bed. You put her in smack dab in the middle at night, in the morning she’s a full 90 degrees turned and sideways up at the very top or very bottom of the bed. Maybe the comforting feeling of the pillowed barrier, maybe she just keeps moving and said wall represents the end of her movements? In any event, she seems quite comfortable with this unconscious (?) nocturnal habit, and if that’s the case, who am I to say nay? I’ll tell ya, with those sweet happy eyes flickering awake and that contented greet the day nonchalance, what’s a better, more soothing to the soul image, than that of an innocent's calm yet excited visage immediately after emerging from a night’s rest? Nada, muchacho, nada.

Oh yeah, I found the Mego Museum (click the picture). Ok now I really do bid you adieu. Next time I’ll have something better, or worse, or possibly equal? Although true equality is just about impossible, unless I cut and paste this post and plaster it up again, which would just be a monumental waste of energy and a statement that I don’t think I’m prepared to make, something about pop culture being a forever rehashed new yet sadly the same incarnation of itself. Yes, yes, let’s just keep things open, shall we, see what, if anything develops.