Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I’m losing my effing mind cuz my weezer cd won’t play without skipping on this piece of shit cd player here in the offiss, so I punched it, the cd player, and now it’s working great, so the scientific thing we learned today with bill nye is that punching shit makes it work better. I saw this book about blogs in the bookstore yesterday, and it had a whole bunch of different blogs from all over the innernet innitt but this one wasn’t in it so obviously it’s a piece of shit and not worth the half a cent it will eventually cost you off the used rack at crap fuck and ignoble. I just yelled really loud in anger at the technical difficulties and now my throat kinda hurts. That was prolly very smart on my part. I will try to avoid the evilest parts of the ol trible dub centrahl today and would suggest you do so as well. Well, not the evilest parts, I never been to those, you know, the torture slash stalker perv antithesis of nonchalance, where those that prey on the innocent and unknowing knowingly take advantage of the advantageousness challenged. Yah! Eff that shit, and in my role of the guy with the giant dollar sign crossed out with a super ess on the chest costume, I fly around and grab those dudes and throw them into the LA river, which is a mighty toss from the pacific islands, but if I’m known for one thing, it’s for my mighty toss, I mean, I was ring toss champ in 1982, the year around which all civilization is based. Look it up.