Monday, June 18, 2007

I’m listening to Tina Turner singing about how someone better be good to her and reflecting on just showing my mother the procedure whereby I give my 1 year old daughter a bath. I am going to be a father for the 2nd time most likely later this week, if you believe the words of a certain OBGYN. I am contemplating the raising of children and the responsibilities thereby and relishing in the opportunities and the challenges. I am standing in front of a kitchen counter just up the hill from Honolulu’s Chinatown and telling you that love is the answer. The cliché police just called and let me know that normally I would be under arrest but under the circumstances they’ll let me off with a warning. I sincerely hope that you have an extremely nice evening. I’m partaking in a bit of rum and enjoying a warm feeling through my throat that extends to the outer reaches. Miami Vice was a pretty damn important television show. I am just a lonely man on a lonely planet except for the fact that I am not lonely at all except for the fact that we all die alone, but death seems quite far at bay, eons even, and my wife loves and supports me, and my daughter brings me more joy per second than the average airspeed of an unladen African swallow times 82, thus I am blessed. I am going to be a father for the 2nd time in a matter of days. I have a highly supportive set of parents that have encouraged me to find my way, however haphazard, throughout my myriad journeys. I am a blessed individual. We still have not determined the name of our daughter to be, but whatever her name, you can guarantee, put it in your book, or your ledger, or whatever record that you keep, that she will be loved, and cherished, and shown the light, whatever insight we can provide, in this maze of life, and we will endeavor that her and her sister become not just valuable citizens to the world at large but they learn how to endeavor into the world to navigate that selfsame world at large that could so easily overwhelm them for lack of proper preparation. Have I mentioned that I hope you have a very nice evening? I meant it. Aloha.