Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Whutsup hoes, you know I the man, lil scrappy ain’t got shit onna cracka, that’s the way we wacka, off tha chain, strait ta gain, I gotta maintain the steady pull o poontang, not fa me, but fo my mu effin boyz, they got mad skills to bust that noise, if you don’t know then step if you do then schlep, the puddin’ to the corna and the birds to the street, I’mma man you don’t wanna fuck up & meet, I kick that beat & I smack that fleet, my cars cool stunning & my jimmies fuckn gunnin, I walk up to ya face then you know I ain’t funnin’, they call me crazy eddie & my name ain’t Edward, I slap a dime’s butt and then turn er round headward, yup the name’s walt and I got crazy skillz, I etch a name in my axe for all my clean killz. WORD. Ps I love you like vanilla in a phone booth. Smooches.