Monday, June 08, 2009

My little big girl started, is in right now, preschool today… it’s exciting, anxious, crazy, worrisome, beautiful, insert adjective here and make a raspberry soufflé out of it… you gotta let those little birdies fly, or else they’ll never, you know, attain their schwan, and schwannness ultimatum is what you have to want, you gotta propogate it, why else we here? For your kids 10 time more than for yourself… the journey never ends though… my language lord may come rising at opportunistic avenues to get the scrilla goin to allow for a supreme pathway to caviar dream escapades…crazier things have/will happen(ed).

Ah, and there I got lost at an alleyway leading to noggin valley. So yeah, first day of preschool. Wow. Mom’s at the park with our little(r) one, wiling away a couple hours until it's time to pick up sister… they learn so much from each other, with each other, and don't forget, batman, what we learn from them; they are each other’s blessing as well as ours… you definitely do get back what you give tenfold, to quote haphazardly someone, a beatle possibly, but he probably got it from some zen Buddhist manuscript while pontificating the most serene Grecian urn that had ever been thus pontified.

It’s a mad rush to clear the cellar the basement and the wooferwill caverns, so much stuff so many cubbyholes for it and so much of it, hmmm, just sittin there collectin dust bunnies and waitin for a chance to shine, well shine on crazy diamond, but por favor y gratzi, do it somewhere else. I guess you’re technically still mine as you pine away for fjords in a turquoise Toyota, but not for long, lassies, nay, not for long, thou shalt find a home and those that appreciate your certain oneness with thine own being.

An era in my life and that of my family is coming to a close; I got no complaints past or present… I’ve lived a charmed life filled with amazing guest stars and shall continue doing said enterprise be it in different environs and with more (!) personnel to spice up the tail of woebegone misadventures and optimistic ponderosa rides… it’s a leap of faith, aye, as a wise man told me this weekend, but one with a soft gentle landing pad and a friendly smiling welcoming committee…. Bottoms up, parachutes on, set phasers on stun, giddyup.