Friday, February 18, 2005

So, seriously, whut’s up with this, uh, ok, shit, I won’t talk about it. Yes. That. The elephant in the doorway. In the room. No, no, in the doorway. I don’t think it’s necessarily more in than out or one way or the other, that’s why it’s such a marginal call, I mean, you can’t ascertain it for sure in any way shape sense of the word, you just seemingly can’t.

Tell me it’s not true. Tell me that pokemon is real. Tell me anything besides the gawd awful truth that I don’t know anything about jack & jack don’t know nothing ‘bout me. But don’t tell me that applesauce is dead.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Vaudeville villain sounds sick beyond all currently known forms of sickness. You’ll have to take my word for it. Or like, the words of the untold millions. I promise I’m not writing about (them) for a while. You know who. Those red & blue clad imbeciles which have been banned from the premises. Seriously. I promise. Unless they, well, you know, and I know, and they know, it ain’t gonna happen. That’s it.

So seriously though, how good is it to base your whole premise on the fantastic four? Yes, very good. You’re right. You’re seriously right. Unless you don’t agree with everything I say.

Homey (vick Vaughn) is obsessed with spider-man & his amazing friends, and that’s a healthy hobby, even if it goes beyond, I’m dead serious. I mean, how can you go wrong with fire, ice, and an irradiated spider-bit teenager whut with a dog named miss something or other. And then you throw in a halibut fish and if you complain it’s basically curtains for the old timers at the old timers’ home.

What the fuck am I doing with this shit?

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Fuck the clippers. Just, fuck em. They can’t win. It’s like that character in that show, or movie, or whatever the fuck it is, when that chick goes “you can’t win.” I don’t know, was it from rocky? Who gives a fuck. Fuck rocky. Well, the clips are now a healthy 1-6 on the 8 game roadie before the all star break. Then they have one more road game after that at phoenix. Only one of the 4 best teams in the league. And who they gotta play tonite? Yes, Miami, home of shaq and all that other bullshit, blah blah, best team in the east, yes I know, and the east ain’t much worse if at all than the west this year, I mean, shit, fuck it all. Why am I still talking about it? Somebody take me outside and beat me within an inch of my life and tell me, whisper it in my ear, all menacing like, “let it go, the clippers are not going to do shit. Not this year, not next year, not when you’re 99, so just give it the fuck up. Don’t make us have to come back and do this to you again. The boss has made it very clear that this is the last warning. Continue on with your life while you still got that one tooth. You can gnaw on a raisin with it. That’s something.”

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

this picture accounts for basically half of my traffic right now, power of cross marketing awareness in which companies that now own each other (google/blogger)

(people image-searching for green day on google, the pic is #(?)26 i think - if you haven't noticed, google backsup a lot of their pics on blogger pages they have appeared on now, for if the original links go dead?? or just advertising us?? batman, load the bat-cannon, we being watched by more than uatu??)

hmmmm, the grammies are legit at bringing noize?

i tweaked the page the link takes them to a little

Monday, February 14, 2005

A lot of you may be asking, if you care enough to give the very best, who the fuck gives even half a rat’s asshole about the los angeles clippers? And you would be correct in the fact that prolly more people care about the geological structures of outer Mongolia, even the ones that only goats live in, more than the fate of southern california’s second-tier professional basketball team.

But the deeper question, the higher order, lies in the fact that they are not simply a team, one of 30 I believe, in some country’s that thinks it’s the best at everything pro game league, it’s the ideal that they are supposed to never win anything and what happens if they someday do? And it’s even more the hidden mystery of they are not even #1 in their own town. Think about it. I mean, if the Kansas city royals were to win the world series, it’s a safe bet to think they’re the fave of everybody in that town, but if the clips somehow win, they not only beat out the rest of the league, but their crosstown rivals, who play in the same arena, who won 3 titles in a row not more than a few years ago.

It is only when you look at it from that perspective and add a little bit of brown sugar and cinnamon to the mix, plus your own ideas about the free world’s spinning axis, that you begin to understand that it is just so so so vital that the clippers make the playoffs this year. Not just for me. Not just for them. Not just for, fuck, I don’t know, little Timmy with the baboon’s heart at the Christian medical center, I mean, we’re trying to balance karma and possibly thereby, although no one will really know it, save all creation from some form of cosmic imbalance, in the process preventing total Armageddon.

And just to keep you posted, they’ve lost 5 in a row yet are mysteriously only 3 games back of the 8th & final west playoff spot, still occupied by the infidel lakers. Believe, children. Santa claus is only oh so real.

Later I might spill a special valentine’s day edition leak from the master thesis, which seems to be currently in a state of depressingly static hibernation. I’ve kind of been working more on editing a bunch of blog shit for this blog book I’m thinking about blublishing.

Oh and speaking of which I finally got to check out anti’s blook. It’s bad to the bone. Believe it. Like, a real book. Just like pinnochio when he finally dumped the strings. Except totally not.