Thursday, June 15, 2006

Hey there. Well, I’m getting fat. Er, gotten fat? Which is a damn shame, as when I’m not all bulbousy & shit I’m pretty hawt. Theoretically. I’ll whup that ass back in shape, tho, don’t despair. Kick this cold and get on schedule and get running down thru downtown, Chinatown, thru the senate building, slap Linda lingle across her nose on my way thru the mansion, yadda yadda swing batta.

Well the folks land later today to meet bay bay and I gotta take the dog to the vet, who’s got time for salads when Ronald is slangin them burgers for a buck a piece? Not that time equals money but yet it does and yet it is. It is what is & was what it may not have been.

A confused man once said you never know what you’re going to do until you do it, that is unless you plan ahead and lay down a tee on which you’ll precipitate any & every action, and then you’ll be ultimately baffled, like a waffle compared to a pancake, still a bunch of fluff and nondescript circumstance, but with pukas and square legs to hold what could have been a smooth yet not so flavorful surface.