Thursday, August 10, 2006

What the fuck I gotta do to get ya’ll mofos attention? Set a nun on fire? I ain’t gonna do that, but I will burn up a branch in the middle of the desert. Shit, not that kine branch, I mean like a real branch, you know, from a Joshua tree, and set a fire and sit around that mofo and roast some marshmallows, eat some smores and shit. Yah, that’s the shit I’mma do. And then I’mma get in a sleeping bag and stare up at the stars and think about what was, what is, what coulda been, and what thank allah wasn’t, all that shit, plus whistle a c-note for the outnumbered ghosts of the brigade that once stood so strong and are now just a bunch of punks relegated to the backburner of the innernet’s gnarliest ghettoes. Long beach.