Friday, September 28, 2007

hey there. Well, what, about 3, maybe 4, people read this anymore? Whatever. Those that do, whoever (wherever) you are, skip town on this page and get to what I consider indubitably the most important blog at this time (and prolly a shitload of other times), from a both literary and historical standpoint (and peruse the blog and see what our man yossarian has to say about “history”).

I’ve known Yos online for a few years now (sigh, quoth aged globber), and when he joined up in the military, I was a bit surprised, but respected his decision. He believed in his country, he believed he was doing the right thing and had to be a part of what the USA was trying to get done. This is a kid, I have no doubt, could have gone to any number of prestigious universities and got his learning on to untold of degrees, but, well, anyway.

He’s in Iraq now, and the reading is, wow, unbelievable. Here are some taste spoons (and these are just that, click on the link above for the whole gamut, or the links below for the full posts, por favor):

Yossarian lands in Iraq:
When you get off the plane at Baghdad International, no matter the time of day, a well lit American Flag flies above everything. At first I wondered what George Washington would have thought to see the flag waving in a foriegn country, but then I just thought what the farmer thought when he was suddenly under Greek rule. Then I saw the base.

It is clear that we are here and we are not leaving. Ever. Just look at how much we have built up for us to be here is staggering. There is a fucking Pizza Hut here.

Yosarrian on the Iraqi people:
Any people who can create cities like these, will never be enslaved. Beautiful. Amazing. Were it not bombed to shit, Baghdad would be prettier than Paris. It is leaving though. And that is disturbing. Because while I don't trust a single Iraqi I have dealt with, I imagine if left alone and left in peace, and if peace can be achieved amongst themselves - Iraq would be the hub of the world.

Yossarian on the current status (unchanged, sigh, what else is new?)of operation whatever-the-fuck
Keep your mind off the war. Even if you're here. No report given. No change in anything. More. More. More.

We have a better mass transit system in Baghdad International than there is in Miami and St. Louis combined. We will never leave this place.

Yossarian on the what the fuck we’re doing, and whether it's worthwhile:
If you, or any of yours, actually believes in their hearts that is this is the right thing to be doing...then I am sad for your souls. Being here has taught me one very important thing, and that is violence will drop when people are dead. Insurgents are people who do not want what America wants. Iran has every right to influence the type of government its neighbor has and America has no intention of bringing peace or ending the war.

Weird # 70 was fascinating to read when Yos was in basic training, before he got in the military, when he was sitting around watching TV, what have you. I've read fascinating grecian urn posts from the guy (the pinnacle of literary fortitude, test designed by myself in the woods of Yosemite. BEARS failed). This guy in Iraq, telling us what’s what? Unbelievably enthralling. Wish he could get online more, and I pray he comes back alive, because this is a mind that we cannot afford to let go to waste as another victim in the middle eastern desert sand, fighting a war for (insert rationale here). No one deserves to die as pawns for power brokers, but it’s especially disheartening when 1) it’s someone you “know” (or feel like you know), and that’s obviously from a purely subjective POV, and 2) when it’s an incredibly original persona like this.

Come back safe, man. And let’s hope that somehow, some way, this ridiculous shit comes to some kind of sane conclusion that involves as little further bloodshed as possible.

and now back to your regularly scheduled horse manure.