Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just shot back another 15 millies of DayQuil (restricted, don’t step, & not by me, the blockin, not the the stalkin), anyhoo, yup, still sick, but not too bad, just got this pleghm zombie infecting my throat clavicle. Dangerous music. It’s pretty hilarious, or can be, when technology goes awry. Long story, never to be told.

Jone Soda. Not too bad. In other news, yawp, thinking bout trying to see Jumper at the dollar movies this week. Lord Vader would approve, and so would Yoda’s jackalope. Not the official one, the training bra steelo. I think I’ve finally forgiven E-40. yes, mr. water, you can come out & I won’t brain you on the trestle. Seriously, it’s cool. That was a pretty fucked up night of my own accord as well. It’s all about accountability, even when the results aren’t pretty, which they often aren’t.

I found this really cool picture on IMDB from this movie, but I guess IMDB doesn’t let you lift pics, it’s kind of ridankulous if you axe me, but you didn’t, and I did, and the call was answered by my third person. Shit, what was that movie called? Something with Steve McQueen, and it was the whole reason Mia Farrow was in the Great Gatsby.

I’m working on a really famous comic that I just started drawing on a piece of paper that either was going to go in the rubbish or become history. The latter became its essence of preordinification and thus a new idiom was established. I only do one panel at a time, and in the end there will be a total of nine. Two have been completed & I really think were destined for perfection. It’s called Joker Malone and when I make my first 8 million on it, I’ll then license it for reproduction only in the Phillipines to help fund the long lost refugee children of all the Americans that invaded manila for the thrilla. That’s like even worse than the left overs of most of an NBA season, & people are so in the dark about it. It’s like cobra commander said to Destro, reading is half the battle and the more you know the less you have to have a staring contest with snake-eyes, or you get a mulligan or something like that.