Wednesday, October 03, 2007

"I’m not a renegade, but you wish that I would…" wow, care of my boy Tony Pierce, check out how much concert action LA gets in just ONE MONTH. Here in the islands, that’s like a year’s worth or more. Advantage, socal. You win for now, evil central, but the palm trees (or, uh, nicer palm trees? Further plethora per capita thereby?) shall dominate somehow forthwith.

It kinda blows me away, because I haven’t lived in LA for over 10 years now, and that was only for about 6 months or so. My Angelenoness, complete and total for over a complete year, hasn’t been in effect since I was 18. don’t ask how long ago that was, you’ll feel young (or old) but suffice to say it was over 15 years ago. There, now you know, take that ammunition and shoot it at the moon.

Well I went to court today to testify against the guy that stole my car. Oh yeah, I never told you (the metaphorical you, not the literal you, but if this is the literal you, don’t feel like you have to turn your head) that yeah, I got my car back. It’s really cool, they even left me with the fanciest new key. It’s a screwdriver. Hurrah. I almost utilized exclamation point(s) in there, but withheld said urge. Congrats to moi.