Friday, July 21, 2006

Doc Savage, aka the villain (not the one that jumps through windows with his dick in his hand, fyi, but, hey, don’t rule it out) was kind enough to not only post an ad for my book (still for sale, wink, nod, say no more) on his blogue, but also mentioned it over at dj xplicit’s blogue, which has kinda turned into doc’s main forum, but, uh, that’s neither here nor there, nor is it every or anywhere, although it might be? Anyway, thanks mayne, nuff respect due, for makin the booque a bestseller, I mean, it’s almost selling to 80% of the world population, taking into account the fact that only 5 people live on the whole planet, which I take very seriously on the assumption that 99% of people are robots and the rest are mostly clones and the remainder are people in fake mustaches and glasses switching identities and constantly replacing each other as I walk down the street. There’s like a long mathematical formula that I could present to you that emphatically proves this, kind of like the one that Reed Richards (dork alert) uses to prove to Ben Urich that without registering all superheros that they will overpopulate their ecosystem, cause coppers to have to increase their service calls to troubalerts, up until the point where every time you walk out to the garage to grab a wrench there will be a cosmic battle of the ages raging between captain cadaver and miraculous malone and my whole block will be a charnal pit of doom, just because they didn’t have their vigilante id cards and shit. and oh yeah, in interest of fairness and follow up, that comic store I was all pissed off at hooked me up with a copy of Civil War 2. you may now continue with your life.