Monday, June 14, 2010

I wouldn’t blame a goat for not grazing here. Saw a few peeps never thought I’d peep again. Er, well, not that I thought, I hadn’t given it much, but I’d pondered, well, contemplated albeit momentarily, and many times the answer was “no” and once or twice it was like “likely” and then I realized do or don’t, live or let die, it prolly didn’t matter, but it did, because they are there and there is where that which what was imbibed was imbibed. Gratzi.

Missed the party with Javie on the top floor (penthouse) and it’s prolly for the best. James Van Der Beek would have not made this varsity. Wow I get sick of typing this shit like super fast now. Faster than fast man.

I assume that that which I have to say is irrelevant even though I don’t believe it, but then I read it and it’s certified in its lack of certification. Ie, they’re not crazy, they just can read and understand and not understand and understand why they can’t understand. It’s not them, it’s me. And thank goodness for that otherwise I would be comprehended and that is mos def illegal in the land of my brain. It’s a tough turf, full of neurons and a giant stem and lots of battered up fish that flit in between folds and flash gang signs and then go hide again because they know the police cruise through at eleven. Aloha.

When you’re playing with a player, you have to really try & concentrate & deduce for yourself whether it’s out of hand, because then it really is just for play, and likewise if something is playing justly, then it can handily get out, of control that is. Jim Beam may be involved. I’d like to ask that you not say I didn’t warn you, but in all honesty I will have to disavow any knowledge of this conversation or lack thereof. You understand, confidentiality agreements laid out with various confidantes and conferred over with Jackrabbit representatives. Hills, dales, glens, nooks, and crannies, it’s all been worked out quite to the last detail.