Monday, November 28, 2005

Okey doke. Well I had to walk to my car, two blocks away, er 2.5, twice today, because I forgot my carkeys, which had wandered away from my keyring, which is a long story, and there was then chundered coffee bits relegating in the backseat, again a long story, and I’m thinking about Christmas way ahead of schedule this year because we already have a Christmas tree. That one’s not such a long story. we went to home depot and grabbed the pick of the litter. First one we saw and then we looked around more thinking how could the first one be the best, but it was meant to be, and thus it was as it shall be, and we took it home and I failed to read the Christmas tree stand directions properly the first time but then once I knew the proper procedure all went well and it’s pretty nice, it’s a nice tree, it does the job, and then some, and I’m damn proud of it. See, you can’t fuck around and lag on getting xmas trees on this fair island, cuz once they’re gone, they’re gone, and if you miss the boat, you wind up paying three hundred bucks for a fedexed Christmas tree from some swaggly bearded guy with one eye and a parakeet on his shoulder, hand on his pistol as he eyes you warily and some giant Hawaiian guy starts punching people to get the last one with the white snow effect on it. It gets nasty in these streets, yes the streets of the hon. I don’t make the news, I just report it. Speaking of news, an 11 year-old girl was gang raped by 5 boys not much older than herself in a park in Honolulu’s Chinatown last week. Yes, merry Christmas indeed. It’s not all sleighbells and shaka signs. I saw ice harvest this weekend. It was a very good film and prolly the most Christmas pondering piece of media in the last 800 years, at least in realms of what Christmas is really all about and what it’s not really all about and who cares and cares not, and then also about you know, that no one really gives a fuck, except the people that do. Hope all’s well in your neck. You know, of the woods. And your actual neck, you know, under your head. Hope that’s good too. Gracias and de nada.