Friday, October 03, 2008

Howdy yall. I’m gonna try something I ain’t tried in this here space since, jeez, I think it was when that monkey was screeching at that tall obelisk that just seemed to have no points of connection within itself, yelling, and then it went grabbed a big ol club and wacked another monkey for the first piece of violence in known history. And I was there with a quill and a fig leaf to record it, etch it in lower primate blood, on a small oddly smooth section of cave wall as my sabretooth tiger zabu growled at a lizard that was trying to give it the willies vis a vis a staring contest.

And so, what was, oh yeah, trying to type stuff in between doing stuff. That was how the whole snarling monkey banging the space oddyssey’s fed ex shipment snide side slide show started ended settled on what have you. There were days, dear (and not so dear) reader, when I had less on my mind and more in my noggin (they be diffs, cap, much, yar) that I could bang out Grecian Trojan atlantean odes on whatever urn with whatever ashes and or cartilage fragments that anyone ever could have pondered on with a skullcap on and yorrick playing xylophone in the background. It was that real (fake).

Enough preamble. I just made two eggs. Microwaved em. Amazing new invention. So yeah, south beach diet again. Cuz I’m a piggy piggy. On second thought, & due to time constraints, preamble only posts are the new black, everything is cyclical, people, lions jump through your shirt in 1982, and their Schneider associated seed show up playing lead guitar with the sage veteran nobleman. Things change, stay the same, and transmutate at about any particular (or vague) angle you could possibly consider; thus is life. Read between the lines. Nothing, nothing, then wham, something. What? No idea. Shit’s there though, a homeless guy told me, and you know lack of overhead instills wisdom. Or insanity, I forget which.