Monday, November 05, 2007

Well hello there, you, you, person that are there reading this crap. And why exactly are you here? Well, then, that is about the most horseshit excuse for an excuse that I’ve ever had the painful experience of forcing my ears (or eyes) to endure. May I forever lather them in talcum powder and immerse them in rubbing alcohol simply for the supreme pleasure of possessing even the slightest possibility of permanently forgetting the fact that said utterage or typed whatever you have ever existed in any way shape form or fantasmagorical visage that the hoary whores of hoggoth stabbed with a pictchfork on their way home from aunt gertrude’s potato farm. End scene.

Begin scene. Yes, that was nice, haven’t just blathered lather for much too long. More of that needs to be enacted and then the kingpin won’t come out and beat names and take whuppins like he once done what did.

The basement flooded today, er, last night. Well, just one room, the storage room. That room of and in which shit is stored. We got lucky, not too much damage, nothing that was really vitally important and in any way susceptible to the ravages of neptune's vassal (oh god yes I used that word wrong, and I OWN it, yes, I own it, I own my word misuse, feel the power). So we had to pull all this crap out of this room and spread it to the four winds of our basement, and there are only 3 winds downstairs, so then what do you do? Klondike bars were not involved so don’t start barking like a penguin or some such shit.

The source of said water invasion may have slightly possibly been the ginormous thunder slash lighting storm that raged all night long and then took a 5 or 6 hour break today and then raged all over again today. We lost power to the alf mansion between about 6:30 and 7:45 tonite and the babies remained perfectly calm, happy even, conformed back to the way things were when adam wooed eve in the forest of eden, except for the four walls and the coleman lantern. And then of course once the lights came on again they fell apart and got fussy and the panic of the moment set in, or maybe they had just pooped and were tired. They did wake up early after all.

I think I’ve said almost enough. Oh yeah I got to watch the clippers on TIVO. They kicked seattle’s ass. Who knows how much longer they’ll be able to do that as the supersonics' greedy owner (admittedly left with one of the last archaic arenas that can’t make any real money, so it’s hard to blame him TOO much) is working on shipping the team lock stock and mildew infested barrel from the pacific northwest to Oklahoma City. Tough for Seattle, too, cuz now they got Kevin Durant (remember that name, even if you're not a hoop head, you'll know it soon enough). Sorry, I shouldn’t have opined (be opining) that; there’s a better place a better time and a certain one eared dog that is much more deserving of my clipper diatribes. Film at quarter past 11, you know, cuz we have fifteen minutes of silence for the ghost of Hal Fishman. Good night.