Friday, February 23, 2007

Special official unofficial memo to the 2 people including myself that still read this crap: I’ve made a tentative permanent temporary decision in regards to content. All basketball and other sports shit (although it should be 90% basketball, but, uh, talk to me once football season comes around again) will hereby and forever on, until I change my mind or forget, be at a dog named clipper. Everything else will be here. I’ve known it all along, and it always made sense to do, the sports shit was driving away the people that were here for everything else & the everything else shit was driving away the sports people, and then of course the overall shit was driving away just about everyone in general, running away in wanton fear from the overbearing verbosity of a raving lunatic in full swilling swing. Just watched on golden pond last night, forgot how good Hank Ford was in that. Anyway, don’t forget what I said about that, uh, issue. You know, about the bagels.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Well, the clips got blown out by 25 points at home against Phoenix last nite, which other than more putrid clipper crapsterpiece infestation, also marked the return of Steve Nash, who had missed 4 games with a banged up shoulder. To make a sorry situation worse, DOUG CHRISTIE (unemployed this season before the clippers knocked on his door) ditched out on the remainder of his 2nd 10 day contract with LA, preferring to be an unemployed castoff in the NBA wilderness rather than continue on in clipperness. Sigh/shalom, I really don’t have the words anymore, so why not let the LA times talk for me:

There was some good news for the Clippers.

The teams competing with the Clippers for the Western Conference's last playoff berth also lost Tuesday, and the Clippers still trail the Minnesota Timberwolves by half a game for the eighth spot.

The other encouraging development for Clippers fans?

Well, they won't play again until facing the Golden State Warriors on Saturday at Staples Center, and presumably they can't lose if they don't play.

Wow, I mean, this is déjà vu. This is the clippers. This is what I remember about years & years and more sad years of being a clipper fan before last year's apparently momentary lapse of ineptitude. Waiting for the end of the season to coalesce and maybe if there are enough other crappy teams, we snag that 8 spot, for the honor of getting swept by an actual contender. and those are the (again, not counting last year) banner years amid the special sauce & cheese style shit burgers. Yippee fucking kayeye.