Friday, February 23, 2007

Special official unofficial memo to the 2 people including myself that still read this crap: I’ve made a tentative permanent temporary decision in regards to content. All basketball and other sports shit (although it should be 90% basketball, but, uh, talk to me once football season comes around again) will hereby and forever on, until I change my mind or forget, be at a dog named clipper. Everything else will be here. I’ve known it all along, and it always made sense to do, the sports shit was driving away the people that were here for everything else & the everything else shit was driving away the sports people, and then of course the overall shit was driving away just about everyone in general, running away in wanton fear from the overbearing verbosity of a raving lunatic in full swilling swing. Just watched on golden pond last night, forgot how good Hank Ford was in that. Anyway, don’t forget what I said about that, uh, issue. You know, about the bagels.